Mission Statement

Approximately 65 million animals are taken into shelters each year and 1.5 million are euthanized nationwide (ASPCA, 2017). An average of 36 animals per day are taken into the Cincinnati SPCA; a total of 37,442 dogs and 34,768 cats entering the shelter between 2011 and 2016 (SPCA, Cincinnati, 2017).    

The Foundation for Underserved Rescues is dedicated to the provision of resources and financial support to underserved animal rescues through community engagement, education, and involvement, with the ultimate goal of eradicating these statistics.    

Engaging our community in the challenge of reducing the number of animals entering shelters each year is profound. We hope to inspire the public with our mission in order to gain volunteer participation in events and activities that support underserved animal rescues.    

Educating the community on subject matter related to the welfare of animals is equally imperative.  We aim to teach the general public the importance of spaying and neutering, surrender prevention, owner responsibility, breeding disadvantages, and all other factors contributing to the overpopulation, poor treatment, and unnecessary euthanization of animals. Through education outreach, we hope for the public to make informed decisions when choosing a pet.    

Additionally, we wish to increase community involvement in all issues pertaining the treatment and prosperity of animals. We hope that through our work, people find identity and true belief in our platform, igniting a passion for the protection of all animals.